*About Portmanteau*

What is Portmanteau?

Portmanteau is a simple, graphical tool for recording screencasts of Apple's iPhone Simulator.  Portmanteau makes it easy to record videos of your iPhone applications in action!  It gives you the ability to demonstrate and market your iPhone application without a big hassle.

Portmanteau is easier than using standard screencast software.  There is no video editing required, no complicated setup, no configuration files.  Portmanteau simply finds your iPhone Simulator window and captures a session to a Quicktime video file.

Portmanteau screenshot

What can it do?

Portmanteau automatically records Quicktime videos at the maximum framerate your Mac can handle.  It performs automatic frame-rate adjustments, increasing when power is available and decreasing under heavy load.  On a Macbook Pro with 2.6GHz Core 2 Duo and a GeForce 8600M GT, Portmanteau maintains a steady 25 FPS during the capture with minimal RAM usage.

Portmanteau writes the video to disk in real-time, allowing it to keep memory usage low and constant.  This allows Portmanteau to record arbitrarily-long sessions with no time limit -- the only limit is your hard drive.

Portmanteau's video captures are optimum quality, storing perfect screen captures uncompressed in the Quicktime video container.  At 25 FPS, the video file requires approximately 2.75MB of storage space per second.  Quicktime Player allows you to easily save the high-quality master into a smaller web-friendly video.

Portmanteau automatically detects the presence of a running iPhone Simulator window.  If the window is closed by the user or unexpectedly, Portmanteau ends the recording gracefully.

How about some specifications?

Portmanteau's requirements:

Portmanteau's features:

What about limitations?

Portmanteau has no configuration, which, accordingly, means it has some limitations:

What does the name mean?

portmanteau: a word or morpheme whose form and meaning are derived from a blending of two or more distinct forms.
  - Merriam-Webster dictionary

Portmanteau makes a screencast of a phonesim, some sort of phonecast or screensim or simcast; some sort of... portmanteau.

Who is behind this?

Portmanteau was developed by Trevor Bentley, an embedded firmware developer from Atlanta, GA.